Works in Progress

Well, I was panicking for a while. For various reasons I tried hand writing portions of the second book in the Noah Chance series, tentatively titled Second Chance (how original huh?). I had the notebook that I used for writing and just finished transcribing the first nine chapters, which was about 100 double spaced pages. When I reached the end I realized that I remember writing some portions that weren't there.

My better half began tearing though the house, I'm sure encouraged by the wailing and gnashing of teeth emanating from me, and found the remainder of the pages so I am now transcribing again.

The strange thing is, I remembered bits and pieces of the missing pages but had completely forgotten the direction in which the story had gone. 

That is another disadvantage to working without an outline (or safety net). If the pages had never been found then I'm not sure what would have happened next.

However, now that I think about it, maybe the characters would have taken the book in a different direction.

How can I use that?