The NFL and a Lack of Loyalty

As everyone knows I am a huge New Orleans Saints fan and have been since the franchise started back in the late 60s, I've seen them go through the good times and the bad (more bad than good) but I've always been a loyal fan.

However, what I am seeing now in the NFL is a lack of loyalty and a mean spiritedness among players, coaches, and some owners.

Let's take, for example, Josh Freeman, the former quarterback for the Tamba Bay Buccaneers. He obviously won't be there much longer and the problems just keep gettimg worse. I'm not going to bore the non-football fans with stats but Freeman had an outstanding rookie year and he was exciting to watch. In addition, he just seemed like a good kid.

The Bucs then bring in a new coach, the kid starts having problems and this year the season is bad. However, it's not just the QB who is doing bad it's everybody on the team. To me, that indicates a problem with the front office or more likely the coaching staff and the morale of the team is obviously awful.

So the coach benches youg Josh, then tells him he can't sit with the team at the game, then someone in the organization lets it slip to the media that Josh is on a "drug testing program". Freeman quickly clears the air by letting it be known that he had taken Ritalin (a banned substance) for his ADHD  instead of Adderall (an OK substance). Still, why would anyone with any decency let something like this slip about a player on the way out? Because they have no loyalty and even less class.

Last year the Dallas Coboys finished 8-8 so Jerry Jones has to fire somebody. He's not going to fire the real problem (he and his son) so instead he fires Rob Ryan, the defensive coordinator and probably the man least responsible for the middling performance of the team. Why? With Jones it is both no loyalty and no class without a doubt. And as a side note, I can't wait to see what the Ryan led Saints defense does to the Cowboys in Novemeber when they meet up.

However, the whole league needs to realize that while it is a billion dollar business it also fronts itself as being something more than that. Many youngsters look up to these teams and want to emulate them so it's time for the owners and teams to start showing loyalty and stop jumping from one new thing to the next and for players to stop chasing the money constantly. I understand you need to get paid but you also need to remember that you didn't get to that position by yourself and many, many players leave a team and never repeat their great deeds because they were a product of the team and not of themselves as individuals.

Enough ranting. It's just gotten to the point where some people look like bullies and I hate bullies.

Good luck to Josh Freeman!