The Magic of Writing

As I write this, and as I was writing on Second Chance this morning, the wife is watching the first Harry Potter film on television (for the umpteenth time) but I was struck by how close the writing process is to being "magical".

For instance, the way things come together.

Early on in the book I had one character give the other characters a mojo bag to wear for protection. I knew that somehow it was going to play a part in the book but didn't know how. Yesterday, I decided to take a break and grab a shower and when I was walking to the bathroom suddenly the explanation popped into my head. I was thinking about an entirely different part of the book, the mojo bags not anywhere in my conscious minf and then BOOM! suddenly there was a solution. It happens like that all the time.

I know I've told this story before but back when I was writing Junebug and the Body I was stuck on a part and had no Idea where it was going to go. We were returning from a trip to visit my mother in Louisiana and Karren was driving, the kids in the back asleep, I was dozing in the passenger seat and BOOM! the rest of the story tied together with only a minor amount of rewriting the prior pages to get there.

I always wonder if mu subconcious (or my muse) knows the endings to the books already and just dribbles them out to me a little at a time. That would explain why things are in the story already that are necessary to get to the ending.

Until I started doing this a lot I thought writing books was magical anyway, then I realized that mostly it is just a lot of chair in the butt working time but, even so, there is a little magic every now and then.