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Great Character Development…Plus It Makes Me Smile

The television show Supernatural is one of my favorites for a lot of reasons. Good dialogue, great concept, lots of inside jokes, and great character development. There is a new character, Charlie, who first appeared last season and has been in two more episodes since then. The writers are doing a great job with her character and the clip I'm putting below is a great example of showing what a character is like without any words being spoken. I love this clip and love the actress who plays Charlie, Felicia Day.

Free Short Story for Kindle on Amazon

We are testing the Amazon Prime program for my books and to start out we have put a short story on there that will be free for a Kindle users on August 30th and 31st. After that it will remain free to borrow for Amazon Prime members while non-Prime members will be charged .99 cents.  Any proceeds we receive from the sale of this piece will be used for one of a variety of charities or non-profits including Surfrider, Kiva.org, or something similar.

The story, Terror in the Wire, is a horror story set in a prison facility in Texas where prisoners with mental health issues live.

One day, a bus arrives at the camp with not only a load of new prisoners and also…something else.

I may be a little prejudiced on the issue but I enjoyed writing the story and still enjoy reading it from time to time. I hope you'll enjoy it too.