There's been an article floating around Facebook the last few days and it prompted me to write this post. The article is at this link and is the response of a Special Olympian to one of the nasty social media posts by Ann Coulter.  I try not to get too political on my own author […]

I have two series of books that I write. Well, since you have to have more than one book connected together to have a series I actually have one series and the aspirations (and a half written follow up) for a second. The first series is the Junebug series based around the protagonist Junebug Walker. If […]

Most people who don't write tend to believe that the hardest thing about writing a book is coming up with the story, but that's really not true. I, like most writers, have tons of notes about book plots, stories, or just smidgens of ideas. Actually the hardest part is naming the characters after you come […]

One of the questions i get asked a lot is "Which one of your books is your favorite?" That is an extremely hard question to answer because the simple fact is that I have written a couple of books that I will likely never publish because I don't like them that much so, inherently, when […]

Well, I was panicking for a while. For various reasons I tried hand writing portions of the second book in the Noah Chance series, tentatively titled Second Chance (how original huh?). I had the notebook that I used for writing and just finished transcribing the first nine chapters, which was about 100 double spaced pages. […]

A couple of people have asked about when the next book will be out in the Noah Chance Series as well as the Junebug series. On both of these my best guess is within a few months. I'm over a hundred pages into both of them, but the story is still going and the characters […]