Regional Competitiveness of Post-Katrina New Orleans

2015 Louisiana Studies Conference Presentation Abstract

“Regional Competitiveness of Post-Katrina New Orleans”

Presented by Randall Dupont, University of Mobile, and Marc Pierre Dupont, University of South Alabama.

Shift-share analysis provides an ideal framework for analyzing New Orleans’ job recovery a decade after Hurricane Katrina. Rebuilding physical structures have been the focus of attention, but the storm also wreaked havoc on the city’s economic structure supporting employment. Has New Orleans regained its regional competitiveness? Some argue jobs are returning to the historic city as evidenced by the falling unemployment rate. Shift-share analysis is used to determine how well New Orleans is competing for jobs. Rather than using traditional industry data, this study analyzes occupational data to examine regional competitiveness. This approach provides deeper insight into how occupations have changed since the storm. As New Orleans stands at the crossroads of another decade, policymakers need a new framework for analyzing New Orleans’ recovery – a framework based on jobs.