Publisher’s Greed on Kindle


Look, I'm all for publishers (and especially for writers) making money. Profit is why they do this but I'm a bit tired of looking for older books to carry on my Kindle and finding that they are priced more than the print copy.

An example.

I bought Bill Clinton's autobiography, "My Life", when it first came out in hardback. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked and never finished it and the weighty tome (1056 pages) now sits on my bookshelf. I still intend to finish it but it's too big to carry with me and nowadays most of my reading is done on trips. Knowing that I have a trip to Vegas coming up I went to Amazon to buy the book on Kindle so I could read it there and back.

The price? $19.99. The price for the hardbound copy that sits on my shelf, $21.41 new from Amazon, $3.60 new from the Amazon Market. The paperback  version from Amazon sits at $16.50.

This happens over and over when you look for books. The publishers are forcing Amazon to set the Kindle prices at just a dollar or two less than the printed version.

While I'm happy about this in a way, because it encourages people to look at the independent writers and publishers like me, as a reader I'm pissed. There is no justification, other than greed and unhappiness that the Kindle market has taken off, for the publishers to keep the prices this high.

They can piss, moan, and complain about falling profits, but isn't it better to sell three e-books at $10, than one at $19.95? Not only do you save on the costs of a physical book, but you encourage more people to buy and read.

I don't like the fact that the small bookstores are going by the wayside and I try to support them when possible (we don't have a book store in the small town where I live) but I'm beginning to believe the publishers deserve what is happening to them.