Texas Military Sites 1700-1900 – Kindle Version

Texas Military Sites 1700-1900 is a perfect reference guide for the amateur Texas historian or the relic hunter or metal detectorist.

Written over a period of nearly twenty years, this book pulls from out of print sources as well as original documents contained in libraries and collections around the state. The author has personally visited many of the sites and confirmed their location.

This 348-page ebook is arranged like an encyclopedia, with some artwork, information on the sites including history and location (as near as possible), as well as a list of references. The sites are also listed by the time period in which they were used since many saw duty from the Republic of Texas days until the 20th century.

This ebook is available only as a downloadable PDF. A link for the download will be emailed to the customer upon receipt of payment.

Price: $9.97

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