Other Writers

A fan asked me the other day why I post entries/articles about other books, shows, and movies I like and doesn't it make people buy books and things that I don't write?

The answer is simple. I hope so.

I think that, as a whole, everyone benefits when people are involved in good writing. If someone reads my blog and hasn't read one of my books, that's fine with me. If they then take a recommendation I make or read a book I mention and like it, I'm thrilled. On a selfish note, that person may think "Hey, if I liked the book that he liked, maybe I'd enjoy the stuff that Robert wrote as well."

In addition, there is only so much I can write about my own works or it becomes self congratulating and boring. On the other hand and as I've said before to be a good writer you have to be a good reader and I like reading. It so happens I also like talking about the books I've read and doing it through this website is easier than bothering people at the book store or Starbucks.

Right now I'm reading the second book in Stieg Larsson's Millenium Trilogy aka sequel to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, called The Girl Who Played with Fire

Just as in the first book, Larsson has drawn me into his world despite unfamiliar names and places and really made me care about what happens to his extremely unique characters.

Writers should be particularly attentive when reading these books since this is clearly a master at work. The books are unpredictable and keep you involved while not struggling to do so.

Stieg Larsson was a master and I hate that I found his books only after he passed away.