Music for No’ Chance Video Selected


I am extremely happy to announce that after spending hours and hours and hours listening to, literally, hundreds of songs we have selected the one we will use.  It was much harder than we anticipated choosing the background music for the video we are working on to promote the Noah Chance series and, especially, the first book No' Chance.

The song we selected is a great one performed by a great artist, Ain't No Grave by Audrey Richter.

I actually selected the song first and then listened to every version I found but Audrey's voice and the tempo of the song absolutely fit my vision for the video. I located Audrey through, dropped her an email and was pleased to hear back from her later the same day. Within a day or so we had worked out a deal for me to use the song and I am looking forward to making the video as well as starting a great friendship with the singer.

Audrey said I could post the song here and I've included a link to where you can buy her CD. I'll also throw a biography up as soon as I receive it from her but I wanted go get this online so you can  hear why I'm so excited about her agreeing to be a part of this project.