Many Thanks to the Six Therapy Book Club in Abbeville, La.

I just finished doing a Skype teleconference with members of the Six Therapy Book Club in Abbeville, La.  They had chosen Junebug and the Body to be their reading selection for this meeting.

That was a fantastic experience, the ladies asked some great questions, we had excellent discussions and a fun time. It is extremely flattering to know that people not only read the book but thought it was interesting and funny and were willing to take time out of their lives to visit with me about it.

Thanks to Freida, her sister Lucia, Mary Kay, Joyce, Angie, and expecially to Jessica, the host and the member who showed the phenomenally great taste in choosing the book, Junebug and the Body, for their meeting. (Ladies, please forgive me if I spelled any names wrong!)

I look forward to speaking with them again and hope they will be sure and friend me on Facebook and contact me through this website so we can stay in touch!

On a side note, it was especially cool for my first book club interaction to be in Abbeville, a town I visited a lot when I was younger. It made such an impression on me that one of the local grocery store, Robie's, even makes an appearance in an important scene in No' Chance!

Anyway, thanks again and I look forward to meeting these ladies in person!

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  1. Robert! 
    You were fabulous! We enjoyed it tremendously & hope to see you again! 'All our southern love, 
    the Six Therapy Book Club 🙂

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