Louisiana: A Novel of the Bayou State – Contest for Free Signed Copy When It’s Finished

All right fans, friends and relative, I'm 45 pages and about 12,000 words into the book, so it's flowing along pretty nicely. I actually wrote another 5-10 pages and deleted them at different times because I didn't think they were flowing right.

I'm looking for a good name for the book. "Louisiana: The Bayou State" is okay, but the novel isn't just about South Louisiana so I don't want to give that impression with the title. I originally just wanted to name it "Louisiana" but I'm afraid that sounds too non-fiction'ish

Does anybody have any suggestions? If anyone makes a suggestion that I use I will not only send them a signed copy of the book when it is in print (should be by next summer, just in time for the Natchitoches NSU Folk Festival) but I will also thank them in the acknowledgements.

Also, does anybody want me to cover anything special? I've got a good outline as far as topics to cover, but I can always use suggestions. Of course Mardi Gras, Huey Long, New Orleans, and Katrina will be covered but is there anything else you want to see? The book will be about the state from north to south, east to west.

If you have any suggestions as to names or content drop me a line at my email.