In Light of Pi Day, A Pie Recipe – Cane River Pie

This is really more like a cake than a pie, but I think it is pretty close to the Cane River Pie recipe ate Lasyone's in Natchitoches.

It is incredibly simple to make (uses box mixes) and tastes way, way better than you would think when you look at the ingredients (I promise).


Cane River Pie

Box of Spice Cake Mix

Box of Vanilla Pudding

Container of Cool Whip (leave out of refrigerator so it defrosts completely and is very soft).

Bottle of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup

Make cake according to mix recipe. You can do it in a round or rectangle cake pan, but you're going to slice in half lengthwise so don't make it too thin. If you ise a round pan you'll get two layers and you can slice each of those and end up with a 4 layer cake or you can forego the slicing and put the pudding later between the two whole layers.

Make box of Vanilla Pudding and let it set up. I use instant because it sets better for use in this recipe.

When cake is cooked and cool, slice in half lengthwise and take apart into two pieces.

On the bottom of the cake plate, lay the top half of the cake upside down (upper crust on the bottom of the plate). You should now be looking down on the cut portion of the cake.

Squeeze chocolate syrup in a spider web design on the cake surface. Use enough but don't over do it. There's lots more chocolate syrup coming.

Use spatula to place a layer of vanilla pudding across top of chocolate syrup (which is on top of cut cake) being careful not to get too much of the syrup mixed into the pudding.

Squeeze chocolate syrup on top of pudding, again in spiderweb pattern

Place other half of cake back onto the top, cut side facing cut side (although, of course, the cut side on the bottom is now covered in chocolate syrup and pudding).

Put another spiderweb of chocolate syrup on top of cake, this time fairly light.

Spread Cool Whip in a layer on top of chocolate syrup.

Do a final spiderweb of chocolate on top of Cool Whip.

Refrigerate and serve chilled.


This is one of the best desserts you'll ever eat! Even though I'm not a fan of spice cake, the mixture of that, the chocolate, and the vanilla pudding combine to make it an incredible experience and no one can ever figure out all the components.

Also, you can make a healthier version by making the cake using the lighter recipe on the back of the box, substituting the reduced fat Cool Whip, and the sugar free vanilla pudding with almost no difference in taste. I didn't care as much for the lighter chocolate syrup, so I always use regular.

If you try it let me know what you think!