A fan asked me the other day why I post entries/articles about other books, shows, and movies I like and doesn't it make people buy books and things that I don't write? The answer is simple. I hope so. I think that, as a whole, everyone benefits when people are involved in good writing. If […]

Of course I love to read, but I'm a fan of good writing for the movies, television, or anywhere else it applies (like advertisements).  Just last night I was struck by the fact that some of the best writing being done now is on the series done for HBO and Showtime. I was burnt by […]

My wife convinced me to read the YA trilogy, The Hunger Games and I must say I'm pretty impressed. Being YA books they are a very fast read but the author does a great job of creating a complete world even though the books are unraveling at a breakneck speed. The villain in the story […]

I really am not a college football fan but I'm also not completely out of touch with the world, which you would have to be to not know at least a little of the story surrounding the last few months of ex Penn State football coach Joe Paterno. The facts aren't really clear yet, and […]

One of my pet peeves is when an author/writer spends a lot of time building up a character just to kill them off. Sometimes it is necessary to the story and I understand that but some authors, Stephen King for instance, does it in every book. I'm not sure if it is a belief he […]

If you are a politically correct, Animals Have Rights Too, kind of a person you are probably not gong to like this post very much and I may even lose some potential readers because of it but for some reason I feel compelled to write it. Let me start off by saying I am not […]

Well, I was panicking for a while. For various reasons I tried hand writing portions of the second book in the Noah Chance series, tentatively titled Second Chance (how original huh?). I had the notebook that I used for writing and just finished transcribing the first nine chapters, which was about 100 double spaced pages. […]

A couple of people have asked about when the next book will be out in the Noah Chance Series as well as the Junebug series. On both of these my best guess is within a few months. I'm over a hundred pages into both of them, but the story is still going and the characters […]