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Time for Another Food Article – SPAM! Canned Meat of the Gods!


Every so often I add a post about something other than writing, usually food related. In this case I was looking at something online and ran across some reviews on canned hams and on SPAM.

To many of the younger generation SPAM is an obnoxious thing haing little to do with food, instead the word brings to mind massive amounts of unwanted emails.

However, to me the name still brings up the salty goodness of a canned meat greatly appreciated in Hawaii and the South but unjustly reviled in most of the rest of the United States. In Hawaii almost every convenience store with a deli sells Musubi, which is just a slice of fried SPAM atop sushi rice and held together with a piece of nori (seaweed wrapper). Even McDonalds has SPAM and eggs on their breakfast menu.

However, to me the best way to eat SPAM is sliced and then fried in an iron skillet until it has a slight crust. The slices are then placed on white bread and slathered with mayonnaise (NOT salad dressing masquerading an an alternative to mayonnaise)..

I'm happy to report my sons developed an early liking for SPAM although my daughter never really developed the love for it that I have.

SPAM is also used in a now off-the-menu version of Pad Thai available in a local Thai restaurant. We use it to make a great fried rice, cutting the meat into cubes the size of the carrots hunks mixed in with frozen peas and carrots. A quick stir fry and then add them back into the rice at the end gives it an additional texture and a burst of flavor anytime you get a SPAM chunk in your forkful.

I'm pretty sure SPAM is also the perfect prepper and post apocalyptic meat since it can be eaten straight out of the can with no discernible loss in flavor although frying it does give it that crunchy crust I love so much.

I admit, I do like the low sodium version even better than the original but Hormel has now introduced BarBQ, turkey, and even a bacon addition to the SPAM family of products that I have to try one day.

SPAM takes me back to the days at my grandmother's when she'd make me a quick sandwich for lunch but for my grandmother even quick sandwiches had some amount of cooking hence SPAM instead of just a ham sandwich.

It's probably the memories as much as the taste that I appreciate.

The Song “Brandy” by Looking Glass and the Smell of Coconut Oil

While I work I often have music playing through the computer and I've noticed how some songs trigger memories.

The song Brandy by the 70s group Looking Glass is one of those. The song came out in 1972 but it was still getting air play when I was in high school. For me it is one of those songs that instantly trigger memories of summer, blonde girls, and the smell of coconut oil suntan lotion.

Life back then wasn't anything like it is today for teenagers, in some good ways and some bad, but the summers of my teen years are the strongest memories I have, not so much specific times but more of a general, laid back attitude. Politics were polarizing then and bad things were happening all over the world, just like it happens now, but you didn't get 24/7 coverage of it and there were lots of times you could relax, listen to the good music, sneak a cold beer or some cheap wine, occasionally kiss a girl who tasted like cherry lip gloss and smelled the coconut oil on her skin and the strawberry scented shampoo she had used to wash her hair, and enjoy yourself.

Here's the video from Brandy.


Well Crud!

This is a perfect example of what it is like being a writer. I was ecstatic just a little while ago because I passed the 250 page mark. However, I was going back though the file looking for something and realized that a format change had occurred at about Chapter 16. The right margin had somehow been reduced from its usual setting.

After Karren fixed it for me the manuscript is now 238 pages long so that quick I lost 12 pages.

Of course, that means that I get to experience the excitement of hitting page 250 again and it really didn't affect anything since the length of the book is whatever it comes out to be, I don't shoot for a certain number of pages.

Still, it feels like I lost ground today.