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Second Chance is Finished..Mostly

Second Chance


After a marathon two days of writing (18+ hours, 40 pages or so) I just finished Second Chance, the second book in the Noah Chance series.

I've been doing a bit of a rewrite as I go and Karren has been editing on the first 27 chapters so it's almost complete. Hope to have it on Amazon and in print by the end of next week.

Final count according to MS-Word was 90,000+ words and 339 pages but using the publisher method of counting it will be a little longer, probably top 100k words. 

Second Chance Book Cover

Second Chance

Even though the book isn't quite complete we chose the cover art for Second Chance, #2 in the Noah Chance series.

Let me know what you think.

Second Chance Moving Along

I have gotten a couple of inquiries about Second Chance, the next novel in the Noah Chance series, and wanted to give an update.

I am devoting myself to working only on it until I am finished, rather than my usual practice of writing on several at the same time. Unfortunately, Noah, Jennifer and Spencer are being difficult and refuse to help. They are forcing me to do all of the work myself at this point.

Usually at some point in the story the characters take over and the book writes itself. At some point I'm sure that they'll quit being lazy and get to work but so far they've been little help so I am still trudging along. I hope to have it finished in time for all of the book signings and appearances coming up next month.

I know what's going to happen (or at least I think I do) and that's pretty unusual. I'm at bout 40,000 words and 150 pages so I'm making progress but not the kind of progress I want to make.

I'm going to blame my wife for this because she dusted my desk the other day (for which I thank her) and moved my keyboard and mouse pad from its carefully placed position. Now I have to tinker with it until it is just right so I'm sure that's why the progress is slow.

Well, back to work and hopefully I'll see some of you at the signings in April. These are all in the Texas area stretching from Denton to Houston. 

Music for No’ Chance Video Selected


I am extremely happy to announce that after spending hours and hours and hours listening to, literally, hundreds of songs we have selected the one we will use.  It was much harder than we anticipated choosing the background music for the video we are working on to promote the Noah Chance series and, especially, the first book No' Chance.

The song we selected is a great one performed by a great artist, Ain't No Grave by Audrey Richter.

I actually selected the song first and then listened to every version I found but Audrey's voice and the tempo of the song absolutely fit my vision for the video. I located Audrey through, dropped her an email and was pleased to hear back from her later the same day. Within a day or so we had worked out a deal for me to use the song and I am looking forward to making the video as well as starting a great friendship with the singer.

Audrey said I could post the song here and I've included a link to where you can buy her CD. I'll also throw a biography up as soon as I receive it from her but I wanted go get this online so you can  hear why I'm so excited about her agreeing to be a part of this project. 



Second Chance – Once Again, the Characters Are Writing the Story

I'm still working on the Louisiana book but decided to jump over to the second book in the Noah Chance series and work on it some. I'm 135 pages into it (about 34,000 words) and once again the characters and the story are taking over.

I don't write from an outline and, with few exceptions, really don't know where the books are headed. I may have some general ideas as to settings and concepts but I am usually as surprised by what happens as the readers (although I do get to find out a little earlier).

In Second Chance, a character twisted on me and changed a lot of the story as well as tying in with a topic I have been reading about for some years waiting for it to work into a book.

I'm curious to see where this leads and it did bog me down a little because I had to go back and make a few changes for continuity but the book is moving forward and now has another interesting twist.

For those of you interested, I have updated my appearance schedule and it looks like I will be at a signing in Denton, Tx. in April, at the Indie Book Festival in Houston in April, back at the Natchitoches – NSU Folk Festival in July, and at the Louisiana Studies Conference in September.

If you have any questions, comments, or criticisms, let me know!

Hard at Work on “Louisiana”

As some of you know, I have several projects in the works. I am writing on the second book in the Junebug Series, Junebug and the Monkey,  as well as the second one in the Noah Chance series, Second Chance. Both of these are progressing, although some slight changes in direction have delayed them a little as I go back and do some rewriting of sections so that I can be sure and maintain continuity.

I am also feverishly at work on Louisiana, a book on my native state's history which I hope to have finished and in print in time for the Natchitoches – NSU Folk Festival in July 2013. I have completed much of the research and am now 34 pages into it but,  whew!, it is exhausting to write and actually have to fact check as you go.

If anyone has any questions about any of my books please drop me an email.

One question I have gotten is about The Bottle Tree but, no, I am not planning any follow ups to it. The Bottle Tree was a novel that turned out a little short but when I tried to add pages the new parts just didn't flow. There aren't likely to be an sequels because that book had a message and I think, from the feedback, it got the message across so I don't want to dilute that by doing a sequel.