There's been an article floating around Facebook the last few days and it prompted me to write this post. The article is at this link and is the response of a Special Olympian to one of the nasty social media posts by Ann Coulter.  I try not to get too political on my own author […]

I am incredibly excited that the new book trailer is going to be ready today or tomorrow! My lovely wife of a zillion years, Karren, completely ignored what I told her I wanted in the trailer and has instead put together one that is a hundred times better than what I asked for. Rather than being […]

  We've uploaded the final draft of Second Chance to Amazon and it is now available on Kindle! The print version is available through this website and through third party vendors on Amazon but for some reason the regular print version isn't showing there yet. We were "officially" releasing the book this weekend at our […]

  After a marathon two days of writing (18+ hours, 40 pages or so) I just finished Second Chance, the second book in the Noah Chance series. I've been doing a bit of a rewrite as I go and Karren has been editing on the first 27 chapters so it's almost complete. Hope to have […]

Even though the book isn't quite complete we chose the cover art for Second Chance, #2 in the Noah Chance series. Let me know what you think.

I have gotten a couple of inquiries about Second Chance, the next novel in the Noah Chance series, and wanted to give an update. I am devoting myself to working only on it until I am finished, rather than my usual practice of writing on several at the same time. Unfortunately, Noah, Jennifer and Spencer […]

I am extremely happy to announce that after spending hours and hours and hours listening to, literally, hundreds of songs we have selected the one we will use.  It was much harder than we anticipated choosing the background music for the video we are working on to promote the Noah Chance series and, especially, the […]

As some of you know, I have several projects in the works. I am writing on the second book in the Junebug Series, Junebug and the Monkey,  as well as the second one in the Noah Chance series, Second Chance. Both of these are progressing, although some slight changes in direction have delayed them a […]