While everyone knows about Cajun or Creole cuisine not many people know that Central and North Louisiana also has great food. That area was settled by people from across the country and so elements of Southern, Northern, Soul, and Cajun foods are common. The Bottle Tree  is set in the Kisatchie Forest of Central Louisiana, […]

  A couple of people have asked me about the book The Bottle Tree and how I came to write it. Since it is about to be available in print (fingers crossed) I thought this might be a good time to address it. A long time ago in a land far, far away (Louisiana) I […]

My wife convinced me to read the YA trilogy, The Hunger Games and I must say I'm pretty impressed. Being YA books they are a very fast read but the author does a great job of creating a complete world even though the books are unraveling at a breakneck speed. The villain in the story […]

Looking out my window at the haze of smoke and driving around and seeing the smoke billowing above the trees here in East Texas reminds me of a huge fire that occurred in the Kistachie National Forest of Central Louisiana back in the late 1980s. I couldn't find the exact date, but I hadn't been married […]