It's really strange how things, good and bad, always seem to happen for a reason. I've also noticed time and time again that God, Fate, Gaia, the Cosmos, or sheer, dumb coincidence, depending on your belief system, tends to remind us some things need to be addressed or taken care of at different times in […]

  The video above is Scott Ainslie telling a little blues history and then playing a blues classic. Although I grew up during what I feel were the best years for rock and roll music (he 70s), I've always had a particular affinity for true blues music. Unfortunately, many artists who now classify themselves in […]

  Most of you know that my book, The Bottle Tree, is set in a turpentine camp which really existed just south of Bellwood, Louisiana in what is know the Kisatchie National Forest. Many people believe that all of Lousiana looks like the area where Swamp People is filmed, but actually the northern part of […]

Many of those who are reading this post have read The Bottle Tree and may already know the story of Johnny Robinson but I'm going to repeat it here anyway and then discuss what the post is really about. Johnny was a young man I went to school with at Provencal School in Louisiana. I […]

Each time I do a book signing or have a table at an event I always spend a little time talking to someone about bottle trees. Invariably a person walking by will stop to look at the books and then we'll discuss how bottle trees used to be prevalent in the rural south, how you rarely […]

After a long day at the Dallas International Book Fair we returned home and I put in the movie Battleship for some mind numbing entertainment. I don't know if you've seen Battleship but it was panned to a certain extent. I've found that many movies which the critics hate, I love. I don't love Battleship, […]

As some of you know, I have several projects in the works. I am writing on the second book in the Junebug Series, Junebug and the Monkey,  as well as the second one in the Noah Chance series, Second Chance. Both of these are progressing, although some slight changes in direction have delayed them a […]

As those of you who have purchased my novel,  The Bottle Tree , know the setting for it is a turpentine (pronounced turp-m-time by the black workers) camp in the early part of the 20th century. Working and living in a turpentine camps was a hard way to live and a harder way to make a […]