The video above is Scott Ainslie telling a little blues history and then playing a blues classic. Although I grew up during what I feel were the best years for rock and roll music (he 70s), I've always had a particular affinity for true blues music. Unfortunately, many artists who now classify themselves in […]

  After a lot of hard work on Karren's part the video trailer for Second Chance is now online. She took this one in a different direction, making it more like a movie "teaser" trailer and I think it came out great! Take a look, share it around and let us know what you think!

I am incredibly excited that the new book trailer is going to be ready today or tomorrow! My lovely wife of a zillion years, Karren, completely ignored what I told her I wanted in the trailer and has instead put together one that is a hundred times better than what I asked for. Rather than being […]