Most people who don't write tend to believe that the hardest thing about writing a book is coming up with the story, but that's really not true. I, like most writers, have tons of notes about book plots, stories, or just smidgens of ideas. Actually the hardest part is naming the characters after you come […]

One of the greatest advantages our generation of writers had over the next generation is that we got to know and talk to people who were intimately involved with a world that was rapidly changing. When I was a child I was told stories by people who had been born before cars, radios, and electricity. […]

The most frequently asked question to those of us who write is "Where do you get your ideas?" The answer, of course, is everywhere. People you see, things you hear about, dreams (or nightmares) anything that gets the hamster in your mind to start running on that wheel. But the question that you rarely hear […]