As I've mentioned before, I think some of the best writing taking place now is for the premium channel series like HBO, Showtime, etc. (I'm particularly looking forward to Ash v. the Evil Dead premiering Halloween night). One show I was happy to see return was The Leftovers on HBO. The premise of The Leftovers […]

I am absolutely tired of being told you can't use this word or that word as you're writing.  The simple fact is that a word alone is nothing. It doesn't call down Satan, start Ragnarok (South park reference here), or mean that you subscribe to the meaning someone else assigns to that word. My book, The […]

In addition to the other projects I have going I'm working on a non-fiction, true crime book right now (more details on the topic later). Several people at the various locations where I've obtained research materials have asked how much time I research a book before I write it and the answer is always "as […]

I don't work well with music in the background. Unlike many writers who work with music either softly playng or blasting in the background, I find myself unable to slip into "The Zone" when AC/DC (or anything else) is blasting in the background, probably because I tend to sing along and get into the music. […]

As I write this, and as I was writing on Second Chance this morning, the wife is watching the first Harry Potter film on television (for the umpteenth time) but I was struck by how close the writing process is to being "magical". For instance, the way things come together. Early on in the book […]

After a long day at the Dallas International Book Fair we returned home and I put in the movie Battleship for some mind numbing entertainment. I don't know if you've seen Battleship but it was panned to a certain extent. I've found that many movies which the critics hate, I love. I don't love Battleship, […]

Right now I have three novels published under my name and have ghost written a number of non-fiction books. I'll have another novel finished pretty quickly and have 4 others partially written, in addition to working on a few other ghost writing projects. One thing I heard from an agent once was that writers should […]

I was watching one of my favorite movies the other day, Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds (anyone have any idea why it was spelled that way?) and Brad Pitt recited one of my favorite quotes from any character in any movie. To set it up, Pitt plays Lt. Aldo Raine, the leader of an Allied squad […]