I noticed a couple of weeks ago that Amazon seems to have, once again, removed a number of reviews even though I don't use paid reviewers for my products and so I'd ask anyone who has read any of my books to take a minute, if it isn't too much trouble, and head on over […]

I realized I had never mentioned that I have a page on GoodReads.com so I thought I'd take just a second and put in a plug for the page/website and ask you to "Fan" me on there. GoodReads.com is owned by Amazon.com and is a great website if you're a reader. It has reviews of […]

It took a little longer than we planned but Second Chance is now available on the Nook and in print at BarnesandNoble.com  as well as available for the Kindle and in print at Amazon.com! There were a lot of issues in getting these uploaded and in getting them linked to my author pages on the […]

  We've uploaded the final draft of Second Chance to Amazon and it is now available on Kindle! The print version is available through this website and through third party vendors on Amazon but for some reason the regular print version isn't showing there yet. We were "officially" releasing the book this weekend at our […]

5.0 out of 5 stars Felt Like a Kid Again July 16, 2012 By Evergreen If you like books that can take you back to a simpler place and time, read this one. Sweet and endearing, this book is very enjoyable, with well drawn characters and a few twists and turns. I read this on […]

  Look, I'm all for publishers (and especially for writers) making money. Profit is why they do this but I'm a bit tired of looking for older books to carry on my Kindle and finding that they are priced more than the print copy. An example. I bought Bill Clinton's autobiography, "My Life", when it […]

A couple of people have asked if I'm going to publish print versions of my books and the answer is, probably so, but I'm not in a big hurry to do so. Yes, many people don't have access to Kindles and Nooks and that limits my market right now. I know, people can read them using […]