Another Great Bit of Storytelling – American Horror Story

I've been writing away on my true crime book…well…researching a lot and writing a little (writing is hard work and this is even harder than usual).

Unlike many writers I prefer to listen to the television or movies playing while I work. Even though I am a music nut (Ha! A prophetic pun!) I find it easier to write with that in the background, probably because music always awakens strong memories and I get distracted.

But I digress.

Several years ago I watched the first season of American Horror Story and thought it was one of the greatest television shows ever made, limited as it is by the fact it is on a network as opposed to cable. I'd put off watching the next seasons because I missed the first few shows and knew I'd catch them when they were released online.

Recently Netflix added Season 3 so I thought I'd get started again and have been listening and semi watching Season 2 before advancing on to the next. Season 2 is set in an asylum and is good, not quite as much as Season 1 in my opinion but still very good. I listening to Episode 10 when the scene in the video I've posted below began to play. The utter incongruity of this song popping into this show makes it an absolutely fantastic piece of writing/setting.

I would have already recommended Season 2 if you're into these kinds of things but with this addition I now ENTHUSIASTICALLY recommend it.

I now present The Name Game: