A Great Set of Lyrics

I'll start out by saying I'm not a huge fan of country music, particularly the kind that plays on the radio and on CMTV. Waaaaaaay back when Willie and Waylon and the boys were making outlaw country I liked that and I still like some others but I think Country has pretty much gone the way of Pop, with lots of awful lyrics, autotuned voices, and little to no originality.


Occasionally you come across something that reminds you never to judge a particular genre of anything too quickly.

For some reason I was clicking through some YouTube videos and happened to accidentally click on a song by Hal Ketchum called Small Town Saturday Night (written by Pat Alger and Hank DeVito). I remembered the song from the early 90s when it was released and I let it play because I am, after all, an advocate of small towns (in most ways).

As the tune was headed into the third verse I happened to be paying attention and was astounded at the lyrics. I'll put them here:

Bobby told Lucy, "The world ain't round

Drops off sharp at the edge of town

Lucy, you know the world must be flat

'Cos when people leave town, they never come back"

The rest of the song is good and accurately described life as a young 'un in a small town "back in the day" but I can't think of anything that sums up the way some people look at the thought of life on the inside and the outside of a small town.

Excellent, excellent, bit of writing.

Here's the video: