A Big Thanks to Scott Ainslie – Bluesman


The video above is Scott Ainslie telling a little blues history and then playing a blues classic.

Although I grew up during what I feel were the best years for rock and roll music (he 70s), I've always had a particular affinity for true blues music.

Unfortunately, many artists who now classify themselves in the blues genre are not (at least in my opinion). Their songs are autotuned and don't sound like they come from the soul or that the artist actually walked that hard road and lived the hard life necessary to not only sing the blues but also to feel the blues deep within them.

Scott Ainslie is an exception.

I've never actually met Scott, although we've emailed each other a number of times, but I've listened to his music so much I feel like he is a long lost brother.

A few years ago I heard his song You Better Lie Down while I was finishing the research and completing my book The Bottle Tree. The deep tone of his voice and the blues riffs on the acoustic guitar instantly brought to mind the picture I had been trying to paint with words. You Better Lie Down tells all about how rough life was in turpentine camps like the one in the bottle tree, where you may work all day for a dime but had to pay the company store fifteen cents for the necessities of life.

Scott was gracious enough to allow me to use his song, You Better Lie Down, on a PowerPoint presentation I have done at a couple of seminars as well as on the video trailer(s) we have completed for The Bottle Tree.

If you're a blues fan, or even if you're not, I'd highly recommend you go to Scott's website and see if he is appearing in your area soon. If you want to be especially nice, and reward both him and you, click on one of the links below to order one or more of his albums (do they still call them that?).

A big thanks to Scott Ainslie, an artist willing to help out another artist (or at least someone trying to be an artist)!